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From head to toe, we have you covered. We combine physical therapists and chiropractors together to provide you optimum care for a safe and speedy recovery. No matter the aliment we have the solution at Advanced Wellness & Rehab.

Wichita Physical Medicine Treatments

The chiropractic physicians and health care professionals at Advanced Wellness & Rehab diagnose and treat a broad range of chronic pain conditions and illnesses. We work with our patients to understand their symptoms and develop successful pain relief treatments suited to their own individual pain-needs. Our objective is to help you get you out of pain and back to living your standard of life as fast as possible.


Non-surgical treatment options for fast & effective back and neck pain relief.



We offer a drug-free, non-surgical solution that can provide you with pain relief and restore normal nerve response.

Braces & Orthotics

We offer medical equipment such as braces, orthotics, belts, traction units and pillows to aid our patients in their recovery and rehabilitation.


Eliminate neck pain, stiff or pulled neck, trigger point pain, and more with our chiropractic treatments.

Massage Therapy

Our therapists perform localized muscle/trigger point work as well as assisted stretching in order to aid in decreasing pain and inflammation.


We offer this soft tissue treatment to re-educate your central nervous system for treating painful conditions such as neuropathy, carpal tunnel or migraine headaches.

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