We Are Dedicated To Our Customers

Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

"I had really bad sciatic nerve pain in my left leg for over a year. I had a lot of pain and very limited mobility. I tried cortisone shots to my spine and they did not help. After treatment at Advanced Wellness and Rehab. I am 100% better. My pain is gone and my mobility has improved."

- Mike A.

"I had lower back pain all the time. I had previously had a laminectomy and physical therapy. I had this pain for three years before going to Advanced Wellness and Rehab. I could not golf anymore and was limited in my activities because of my pain. After treatment from Advanced Wellness and Rehab, I am now able to golf again, it has helped me considerably. They have a great staff."

- Dennis P.

"I had left leg pain and tingling for the past ten years. I had regular chiropractic services and was limited to walking short distances and could not stand for any length of time. Decompression and physical therapy at Advanced Wellness and Rehab helped me tremendously. Everyone in the clinic was helpful in helping me accomplish everything I needed to do to get better. 

- Stanley M.