Work Injury Treatments

Quick Relief & Recovery

At Advanced Wellness & Rehab we have extensive experience with diagnosing and treating work-related injuries. Our doctors are board-certified pain management specialists who focus on getting injured employees back to work as quickly as possible.

Getting hurt while on the job has become more and more common in the United States. The types of work injuries rely a lot on the nature of work your job is in. Advanced Wellness & Rehab knows there are several components that contribute to work-related injuries, including repetitive prolonged use of hands, frequent or heavy lifting, extended periods of time standing, prolonged awkward postures, pulling, pushing, and vibration. These conditions all relate to the musculoskeletal system and are the most frequent causes of chronic disability, with more than 50% being having chronic lower back pain.

Success Stories With Spinal Decompression

Lower back injuries are the most common types of injuries that occur on the job. In fact, 65% of all lower back disorders are work-related. In the United States, back injuries report for over 33% of all health care and indemnity costs under worker’s compensation.

Lower back injuries can occur from muscle strain, bulging discs, joint injury or sprain, sciatic nerve pain, and herniated discs. Any of these painful issues, without proper chiropractic care, can be debilitating and cost you medical bills, lost wages, and possibly your job.

Trauma to your neck is another common injury patients seek chiropractic care treatment. Neck injuries can develop from awkward posture, rapid jerking of your head, or strain on your neck muscles by incorrect lifting. Neck pain is easily treated with chiropractic therapy including soft tissue massage, spinal decompression, electric stimulation, and cold laser therapy.

On-the-job injuries can also include pain in your shoulders, elbows, hands, knees, wrists, hips, ankles, and feet as well as your muscles in your upper and lower extremities. These injuries may be a torn knee meniscus, rotator cuff tears, or muscle strains and ligament sprains.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Recent studies have proved that chiropractic treatments have high effectiveness in getting workers back on their feet faster and are less expensive than regular medical care. Spinal adjustments, electric stimulation therapy, and cold laser, along with exercise and proper body mechanics result in faster recoveries.

A lot of job-related injuries can develop into long-term pain conditions and damage. Sometimes the smaller injuries are not so minor and can advance to partial or permanent disability if not treated properly.

Contact Advanced Wellness & Rehab and get your injuries checked out. Getting you back to your job is our goal – together this is possible with our non-surgical treatments.

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