A car accident, no matter how mild, can have some very real effects on the human body. Thousands of people are involved in car crashes every year in this country and face a long healing process after the fact. Here are some tips on how best to heal from the physical trauma of a car accident, which can take days, weeks and months. Listen to what your body is telling you and give yourself time to get better.

Go to the Doctor

This should be your first step. You need to be examined by a medical professional who can document your injuries, take x-rays if needed, and provide treatment. You could be suffering from anything from whiplash to a tweaked back to bruised ribs. Assessment of your injuries is imperative now before they get worse.

Get Plenty of Rest

Don’t worry about jumping back into your regular routine. Take some time returning to work, your fitness routine and normal activity. Your body can’t heal if you keep putting it through stress. You can speed up the process, ironically, of healing if you give it time. If you push yourself too far too fast, even the most minor of injuries can worsen.

Go to Physical Therapy 

Some injuries require that you get physical therapy to repair your body. You can get helpful tips and exercises to try at home that will make you feel better and recover faster. Performing mobility work will boost muscle and joint function after your injury, helping your body heal more quickly and comprehensively.

Listen to Your Doctor

Follow your doctor’s orders for optimal healing. Follow up with referrals, physical therapy recommendations, chiropractic work, or home rehab. You may be eager to get back into your normal routine, but it’s important to recognize the physical trauma your body has been through and do all you can to help it heal properly. Follow the above tips to get the most out of your recovery, leading to fast and substantial results.

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