The ill-effects of stress on the body are manifold and can include chronic pain. If that’s the case, it’s critical to reduce stress in order to successfully alleviate pain long-term. One proven way to relax the body is through chiropractic care.

The impact of stress on the body

Stress is extremely harmful to the body, and that’s evident throughout all its systems, as indicated by the American Psychological Association. One of the clearest examples is in the musculoskeletal system. Healthy muscular tension is a reflex that helps the body protects itself against damage. Once a person gets past the stressful situation, the muscles relax again. If you suffer from chronic stress, though, the muscles stay taut and never loosen; essentially, the effect is prolonged muscular contraction.

Millions of people experience chronic pain resulting from musculoskeletal disorders, which typically occur because of an injury. The way that a person reacts to an injury is central to whether or not they develop a chronic pain condition. “Individuals who are fearful of pain and re-injury, and who seek only a physical cause and cure for the injury,” says the APA, “generally have a worse recovery than individuals who maintain a certain level of moderate, physician-supervised activity.”

Luckily, stress-relief methods can help. A treatment that is proven to reduce the amount of stress in the body is chiropractic care.

Relieve stress with chiropractic

The muscular contraction that can occur with a musculoskeletal disorder leads to uneven pressure on the body’s bones, resulting in spinal misalignment. Nerves also become irritated in response to chronic stress.

A primary benefit of both spinal manipulation and spinal decompression is that muscular tension is released. Additionally, these therapies decrease irritation in the nerves and bolster blood-flow. “These changes may be enough, in many cases, to convince the brain to turn off the fight or flight response, beginning the process of healing,” notes altMD. “A healthy and balanced spine is one key to effectively managing stress.”

A doctor of chiropractic can also help with stress relief through nutrition and other aspects of their training. B vitamins, for instance, are central to improving the body’s response. Chiropractors will also sometimes suggest stress-reduction tactics and lifestyle adjustments to help steer your body toward relaxation.

While you can never remove all the sources of tension from your life, chiropractic care can serve as a defense by adjusting your body into better balance and helping you respond in a healthier way. In these ways, doctors of chiropractic can help you relieve pain and prevent damage to your body.

Recovery from chronic stress & chronic pain

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