For those interested in massage therapy and chiropractic care, you may wonder what would happen if the two approaches were blended into muscular manipulation that specifically targets nervous dysfunction. A treatment of this type actually does exist, and it’s called the MyoKinesthetic System.

Why is the MyoKinesthetic System effective?

Although this new form of massage therapy is based on a similar philosophy to chiropractic in terms of eliminating nerve blockages, practitioners are essentially adjusting your muscles rather than your spine. Like chiropractic, this method helps you to achieve proper alignment while retraining the brain and spinal cord. By focusing on muscles that are negatively impacted by dysfunctional nervous pathways, the method is effective at reducing chronic pain and improving range of motion.

When we fall down or take the wrong stance picking up a heavy object, the body has to adjust.

“A muscle on the left went short, so a muscle on the right side of our body lengthened to compensate,” said MyoKinesthetic System creator Michael Uriarte, DC. “These two muscles tell the brain where they are relative to the one constant we all share: Gravity.”

The brain then informs the rest of the muscles how to adjust to allow the most natural and pain-free posture.

Manual therapy uses muscle memory

MyoKinesthetic treatments are aimed at the root cause so that the “compensations” (imbalances) can then resolve as well.

This form of massage therapy involves the stimulation of all the muscles that follow one particular nerve pathway. The treatment is relatively straightforward to accomplish if you can identify problematic nerves.

The method gives individual chiropractors some leeway to figure out what works best for particular patients.

“Deep, light, with cross-friction, or something else, whatever way you want to generate the stimulation is fine,” Dr. Uriarte commented. “We’re looking for the nerve endings within the muscles to send a signal to the brain that … change.”

When the brain gets this message, it adjusts the body in response, and we benefit from our natural capacity for muscle memory.

Innovative treatment from expert providers

By considering the nervous system with a muscular manual therapy, the MyoKinesthetic System reduces pain and enhances range of motion while stabilizing the spine.

Although this treatment took over a decade and a half to develop, patients often see results after a single 15-minute treatment.

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