People often wonder how often they should expect to need chiropractic adjustments in order to see recovery from their pain conditions. Let’s look at what exactly adjustments are and typical chiropractic care guidelines so you can be more informed when visiting a clinic.

What are chiropractic adjustments?

Within the field of chiropractic, an adjustment or manipulation refers to therapy in which a doctor delivers force to your joints in order to bring your body back into proper alignment. When your body is structurally balanced, that means impingement of nerves in the spine and elsewhere has been relieved – in turn alleviating pain and enhancing range-of-motion. This form of chiropractic care is used to treat headaches, neck pain, back pain, and numerous other health conditions.

Frequency of chiropractic treatments

Typically, a few manipulations should result in significant relief, explains Wisconsin chiropractor Kelly Andrews in Spine-health. “As a general rule, within 1 to 4 weeks of starting a chiropractic treatment program for non-complex musculoskeletal conditions,” says Andrews, “the patient should typically feel a 40% to 80% reduction in pain.” As your symptoms decrease, she adds, the frequency of adjustments should as well.

Legitimate, ethical, and conscientious chiropractors aim to help their patients alleviate their pain quickly; following sufficient recovery, they then transition to follow-ups as preventive care and to treat any continuing symptoms. Strong chiropractic doctors additionally give recommendations on posture, ergonomics, nutrition, or other elements that could assist in recovery. Stretches and exercises are also sometimes introduced for at-home treatment.

Andrews notes that a typical chiropractic care program (as a broad rule of thumb) involves three treatments each week for two to four weeks, after which the plan is assessed to determine if alterations are needed.
Assuming that the patient exhibits recovery, adjustments should be reduced as more self-treatment and lifestyle options (such as those above) are utilized. If the patient is not recovering, changes should be made, with the possible addition of other therapies.

3 questions for your chiropractor

Here are three quick questions to ask so you can feel confident your treatment plan is effective:

  1. What is the doctor’s standard treatment program?
  2. What will the chiropractor’s advice be if your treatments are unsuccessful?
  3. Does the doctor ever refer patients to outside doctors or other practitioners?

Expertise for fast recovery

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