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Advanced Wellness & Rehab provides a non-surgical medical breakthrough in the treatment of Bulging, Degenerated and Herniated Discs, called Spinal Decompression Therapy, DRX9000. We offer a comprehensive solution to those who suffer from chronic pain.

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Our spine is made up of vertebrae; individual bones in the back separated by spinal discs. These spinal discs are comprised of an interior jelly-like fluid. The discs have a squishy and rubbery consistency but is shielded with a tougher exterior. The discs provide support to the vertebrae and allow for cushion and “sponginess” between the spinal joints. This cushion enables the vertebrae to move and operate correctly within the spinal column to absorb impact and pressure.

The discs can occasionally become traumatized by an impact or injury. The disc may then become inflamed and put pressure on the surrounding nerves across the spinal cord. This is known as a slipped disc or bulging disc and may cause pain and distress in the back. Occasionally these discs can burst open due to pressure and create a herniation or tear in the disc. As a result, nearby nerves can be subjected to pressure in the disc creating pain as they get pinched or spill out from the spinal column. This pain in the back may be accompanied by numbness and weakness in the limbs.

It is feasible to have a herniated disc and not know about it, but most herniated discs are extremely painful. The most frequent signs and symptoms are listed here:

  • Back pain – Pain caused by the herniated or bulging disc that puts pressure on nerves in the back.
  • Pain in the rear – Herniated discs in the low back (the most common area) often result in shooting pain through the buttock area.
  • Arm or leg pain – Herniated discs could put pressure in the nerves, causing pain in the arms and legs. If the sciatic nerve is compressed it is possible that you can feel pain in the hip and down the leg towards the knee.
  • Numbness or tingling – Individuals that have a herniated disc can experience numbness or tingling in the body from the affected nerves.
  • Weakness – Muscles close to the compressed nerves of the herniated discs could often feel weak.

Causes of Herniated Disc

Many people have trouble identifying the exact reason or cause of a disc herniation. Which is why it is important to contact a pain management expert to identify your pain. Once the source of your pain has been determined proper treatment can be applied. Some common causes of herniated disc are:

  • Degenerating disc disease – Gradual aging and wear-and- tear of the disc. Over time the disc becomes feeble hence restricting flexibility making them prone to slip out of place or rupture.
  • Improper use of muscles – Utilizing the back to lift heavy objects instead of the legs, or performing twisting movements with the back.
  • Traumatic impact – Although uncommon, occasionally the force of impact from an accident or injury may cause the discs in the back to slip or rupture.
  • Repetitive movement – The exact movement patterns repeated over and over again can wear down the discs in the back, leading to herniation.

The back is an extremely strong part of the body, but improper care of the back and insufficient treatment after an injury can lead to debilitating pain later on in life. Look after your back and be mindful of your posture. Exercise the back muscles frequently, ice down injuries, and rest if your back becomes sore or injured. This advice can decrease the possibility of having a herniated disc.

Disc herniation is a critical condition. If you’re experiencing severe back pain our chiropractic physicians and therapists at Advanced Wellness & Rehab can help. We will help you find the root of your pain and use proper treatments to give you safe and effective pain relief.

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