Hip bursitis pain doesn’t just arise from activity. It can also occur because of the way that you sleep. Here is some explanation and advice on sleeping without aggravating this health condition. 

Generally speaking, sleeping on your side is recommended for proper spinal alignment. However, many people find that side-sleeping triggers an attack of hip pain.

If you are suffering with hip bursitis, you may experience pain in either of your legs (top or bottom) when sleeping on your side.

About Hip Bursitis

Bursitis is inflammation of the bursae. A bursa (singular of bursae) is a small sac filled with fluid that serves as a cushion for the muscles, tendons, and bones surrounding your joint. Typically bursitis results from injuries or from the hip not getting enough nutrients. When bursitis is acute, it is characterized by inflammation and excessive generation of fluid. If the situation becomes chronic, the bursae don’t create enough fluid, so hip tendons aren’t properly lubricated.

Hip Pain Relief For The Lower Leg

Is your bottom leg, the one that’s against the mattress, the one that hurts? Treatments for bursitis are diverse. However, one of the most critical steps you can take is to buy a high-quality foam mattress. These mattresses will keep down the pressure on the bursae. Plus, a badly constructed mattress can start to sag. “That places an undesirable stretch on the muscles associated with the hip on the downside,” notes Let’s Talk Back Pain, “thus irritating the bursae and impeding healing.”

Hip Pain Relief For The Upper Leg

 You might also experience pain in the upper leg, for two basic reasons:

  1. Typically, your hips are wider than your knees; that’s particularly true for women. When the knees are against one another, it can overstretch the muscles of the hips.
  2. People will also sometimes extend that top leg forward, which can strain the hip muscles as well.

To solve both of these problems, again, a foam mattress can be helpful; it will keep you from twisting excessively. Plus, it’s a good idea to take a second pillow and use it to separate your legs. “The pillow should be soft enough to not impede circulation but substantial enough to maintain a distance between the knees perhaps equal to the width of the hips,” notes Let’s Talk Back Pain.

Getting Help

Are you suffering with hip bursitis? Improving the way that you sleep is just one way to reduce the pain and recover physical function. At Advanced Wellness and Rehab, Opencare’s 2015 Patients’ Choice Winner for Best Wichita Chiropractor, we provide solutions for resolving painful health issues in a personalized and caring manner. See our New Patient Offer.