There are less fatal crashes on our roads than there have been in years, but injuries are still widespread. What should you avoid doing after a car accident, and what should you make sure to do, such as get personal injury care?

Good news & bad news on driving safety

Car accidents are usually quite stressful, even if it’s a fender-bender in which no one gets hurt. When injury occurs, it can become even more difficult to make the right decisions. Carmakers are always trying to prove their safety to win over consumers, and that’s helped: innovation in the development of cars has meant that less people are dying out on the roads. Car collisions leading to death are now lower than they have been in six decades, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Unfortunately, though, injury is incredibly common. In 2010, for instance, 2.24 million vehicular accidents occurred in the United States that resulted in injuries, says the NHTSA. The typical driver will get into at least one auto collision during their lifetime, whether it’s their fault or the other person’s.

It’s important to do the right things following a wreck, including car accident injury treatment for your health and other tactics for your financial stability. First, though, let’s cover the things that you shouldn’t do.

4 things NOT to do after a car accident

#1 Mistake – Driving away

A person may get into an accident that isn’t serious, explains Patrick E. George in HowStuffWorks. They hit another vehicle, but there isn’t a lot of damage. Don’t leave, says George. The accident needs to be reported to the police, as a general rule. Leaving the scene of an accident is typically a crime, in some cases a felony.

#2 Mistake – Not calling 911

Many people would choose to disregard the above advice if they got into an accident in which they decided with the other party not to involve the police. The person seems trustworthy, you might think, so you can just exchange information. However, you don’t know if that person has insurance, for instance. It’s important for the incident to be officially on-record.

#3 Mistake – Getting emotional

Events like a car crash can be aggravating, and it’s understandable to become upset. However, you certainly don’t want to lose your temper.

#4 Mistake – Accepting blame

It is unwise to admit or acknowledge that the accident was your fault.

3 things you need to do after an accident

You may immediately be in pain after you get into a collision. Your mind might turn immediately to getting home, resulting in neglect of important steps, such as car accident injury treatment. Don’t forget to do the following:

#1 Get pictures of your injuries

Take photos. It’s valuable evidence if you get into a legal battle.

#2 Get all necessary treatments before you settle

You don’t really know the cost of your recovery until you’ve gotten all the treatments you need to heal.

#3 Get personal injury care now

Timing is everything: you really should see a doctor right away. “Getting medical attention quickly isn’t just the best thing for your health,” says “It also strengthens your personal injury claim.”

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