You may think of chiropractic care as alternative medicine. However, this branch of healthcare has been in existence for more than a century, and the number of chiropractors has grown steadily since the 1970s. There are currently more than 77,000 doctors licensed to practice chiropractic medicine in the United States alone.

Part of the reason for this increasing popularity is that chiropractors can treat a broad range of illnesses, far beyond neck and back pain.

Here are a few areas in which this healthcare approach offers additional benefits:

Age-related health conditions 

You can use chiropractic care to maintain proper alignment and health of your musculoskeletal system, preventing conditions such as muscular stiffness, chronic pain, and arthritis. Posture can be corrected through chiropractic care, and your range of motion can be expanded.


There are several ways in which chiropractic care impacts the body that combine to help minimize your risk of stress-related illness. These include proper positioning of your spine and other joints, better circulation, loosening of the muscles, and enhancement of calm. Actually, many people view chiropractic treatments in terms of the mind-body connection, because conditions such as fatigue, headaches, elevated stress, and insomnia are often treated through this branch of medicine. A central tenet that is important to chiropractors is that carefully controlled manipulation of the spine bolsters the central nervous system while lowering the amount of physical stress.


A chiropractor is an expert at restoring proper communication within the body, such as that between the brain and the digestive organs, tissues, and glands. Postural problems, along with too much sitting, nutritional deficiencies, excess stress, and chronic inflammation, lead to digestive issues such as food sensitivities, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome. By using the techniques that are in the toolset of a chiropractor, a person can prevent and recover from these conditions.


A leading blood pressure scholar, George Bakris, published a study in 2007 in the Human Journal of Hypertension. It had the incredible conclusion that one chiropractic visit delivered the same impact as two hypertension drugs. Furthermore, the research revealed that the impact of a single adjustment was still evident 6 months later.

Moving forward with chiropractic care 

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