Manual adjustments aren’t the only option for chiropractors. In fact, instruments sometimes lead to better results.

As seen in the following four case studies, adjusting with instruments – called mechanical adjustment – can sometimes provide better resolution of shoulder pain and other health conditions than patients have experienced from other therapies.

1. Shortness of breath

A man in his late 40s became unable to make a living because he was experiencing such severe anxiety, along with shortness of breath and chest pain. Tests revealed that his heart was not causing the symptoms.

“The man received mechanical force adjustments to the thoracic spine over a 14-week period and his symptoms resolved,” said Dava Stewart of Chiropractic Economics. “The results were maintained at a nine-month follow-up.”

2. Herniated disc

A man in his mid-20s was diagnosed with a disc herniation and deformation in the adjacent region of his spine. When his doctor advised surgery, he decided to attempt recovery through chiropractic adjustments instead.

The man was suffering from pain in numerous areas, including his legs, groin, and lower back. His muscles were also damaged from a sports injury that had occurred years earlier.

The patient was given three months of therapy with chiropractic instruments. The treatment completely removed the pain, continuing through to his 12-month follow-up.

3. Neck pain after surgery

A woman in her mid-30s had surgery twice, but the impact on her neck pain was minimal. A few years passed, and her doctor again recommended surgery. She decided to seek treatment from a chiropractor instead.

“She was given instrument adjustments using a handheld mechanical force instrument over the course of 30 days,” reported Stewart. “Follow-up appointments for the next two years revealed no return of her original chronic pain.”

4. Frozen shoulder

A woman in her early 50s was suffering from frozen shoulder. The pain was excruciating. Physical therapy and prescription drugs were proving ineffective at reducing her symptoms. There wasn’t any range of motion in her shoulder, and she had extreme difficulty performing day-to-day tasks.

The woman went to a chiropractor and was treated with mechanical adjustments. She was able to recover from the frozen shoulder without any lasting shoulder pain.

Could chiropractic help you?

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