As we welcome this season of cooler weather and the return of Monday Night Football, we’re also anticipating some of the biggest holidays of the year. Unfortunately, a busy holiday season also means more people on the road, and a subsequent increase in car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 6.3 million accidents were reported in 2015, with 2.44 million people suffering related injuries. Have you experienced a fender bender this holiday season? Learn about some of the most common car accident injuries and how chiropractic care can help?


Whiplash is known as the king of all car accident injuries, because even at very low impact speeds, it can cause a great deal of soft tissue damage. During an accident, the head and body continue traveling at their original speed and trajectory until the force of the impact stops them, creating a whip-like motion of the head that can stretch the ligaments and muscles in the neck. This intense pain can start 2-48 hours after an accident, and last weeks or months. According to an article referenced by the American Chiropractic Association, chiropractic is an excellent car accident injury treatment because a neck adjustment by a chiropractor “works to improve the mobility of the spine to increase range of motion, while also enhancing movement of the adjoining muscles.” This eventually eliminates the pain, soreness and stiffness that can result from a car accident injury.

Back Injuries

Injuries to the bones or the soft tissues in the back are also common during a car accident. Depending on where a passenger is seated, the area of impact, and the speed of the vehicle, injuries can range from mild to severe, involving not only the muscles, ligaments, and vertebrae in the spine, but also the cushioning discs between them. If the bones in the spine are moved out of alignment, they can “pinch” or put pressure on the nerves that pass between them, causing pain, muscle spasms and even tingling or numbness. Also, injured discs can put pressure on nerves, resulting in pain and inflammation that can lead to permanent damage and even paralysis. Through careful manipulation of the joints in the spine and through the use of car accident injury treatments like spinal decompression, MyoKinesthetic Treatments, and physical and massage therapies, a chiropractor will be able to greatly reduce the strain on the surrounding soft tissues and quickly and effectively begin to treat your injury and the pain at the source.

Seeking Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Injuries?

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