How A Chiropractor Can Improve Your Overall Health

You may think of chiropractic care as alternative medicine. However, this branch of healthcare has been in existence for more than a century, and the number of chiropractors has grown steadily since the 1970s. There are currently more than 77,000 doctors licensed to practice chiropractic medicine in the United States alone. [...]

Natural Solutions For Fighting The Fires of Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is our body’s protective immune response to infection or tissue damage, raising a “red flag” to alert the body to initiate repair. Inflammation typically presents as heat, swelling, pain, and irritation in an affected area, but unfortunately, many factors can keep that response from shutting off, resulting in chronic inflammation. […]

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Fight the “Festive Fifteen” with These Top Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

Whether it’s from a few of Jane’s famous sugar cookies at the office, a second helping of creamy, golden eggnog at a holiday dinner, or a plate of snacks from the buffet at the neighbor’s Ugly Sweater Bash, extra calories are lurking around every corner this time of year and they do nothing for our [...]

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Inflammation Linked to Increased Risk of Stress Related Illness

There’s a lot of talk about chronic inflammation these days for good reason. Inflammation itself is not bad when it is doing its job. Acute inflammation is a healing function of the body as a response to trauma such as a sports injury or illness such as a sore throat. The problem is when inflammation [...]

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