Float Away Your Pain – Managing Back Pain with Flotation Therapy

Flotation therapy is sometimes utilized in healthcare settings, leveraging deep relaxation to promote faster recovery from back pain. Flotation is also called restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST), or flotation-REST. During treatment, patients float in approximately 10 inches of water with a high salt content – the high amount of salt in the water makes [...]

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How A Chiropractor Can Improve Your Overall Health

You may think of chiropractic care as alternative medicine. However, this branch of healthcare has been in existence for more than a century, and the number of chiropractors has grown steadily since the 1970s. There are currently more than 77,000 doctors licensed to practice chiropractic medicine in the United States alone. [...]

7 Ways to Avoid Morning Muscle Stiffness

Are your muscles so stiff that you can hardly get out of bed in the morning? Does it take a couple of hours for you to start feeling normal again? We see this a lot. The first thing to know is that you’re certainly not alone. More than six million [...]

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Are You Too Young for Osteoarthritis?

Emily Sohn went to a sports medicine specialist in October 2016 with a foot injury. Having just started running again after many years away from the activity, Sohn had preconceived notions of what might be going wrong. She thought she might be suffering from tendon inflammation, a ligament strain, or plantar fasciitis – the last [...]

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Which Treatment Option is Best for a Herniated Disc?

The pain and irritation experienced from a herniated disc can feel pretty isolating and harrowing, but having a “slipped” or “ruptured” disc is actually very common, with the Cleveland Clinic stating that it can occur anywhere in the spine, occurs most often in people aged 35 to 55 years, and is more common in men than [...]

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Metatarsalgia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

You may not know what metatarsalgia is, but if you are physically active or frequently wear high heels, you may have felt this type of foot pain. Metatarsalgia, often called stone bruise, is a condition characterized by pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot, a.k.a. the metatarsal or metatarsus. Many athletes and others [...]

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Sciatica Exercises

When you experience a herniated disc in the lumbar spine, the disc may impinge the sciatic nerve. The resulting pain, sciatica, is often treated with exercises. The basic idea behind those exercises is to transition the symptoms from the legs to the lower back. Here are four of them that might be helpful to you. [...]

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The MyoKinesthetic Method for Massage Therapy

For those interested in massage therapy and chiropractic care, you may wonder what would happen if the two approaches were blended into muscular manipulation that specifically targets nervous dysfunction. A treatment of this type actually does exist, and it’s called the MyoKinesthetic System. Why is the MyoKinesthetic System effective? Although this new form of massage [...]

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