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Prevent Back Pain Before It Begins

Back pain can be debilitating, affecting what we can and can’t do in our every day lives. Back pain relief is available through many different modern treatments, but you don’t have to let it get that far. You can prevent back pain before it starts with just a few simple lifestyle changes. And most of [...]

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Backpack Burden: Can Heavy Loads Lead to Chronic Back Pain For Kids?

As countless children head back to school this fall, an often overlooked issue could be leading them down a path to developing chronic back pain. Heavy, poorly structured backpacks are not only capable of straining still developing muscles and ligaments, overloaded bags can actually contribute to lasting changes in posture and ultimately result in chronic [...]

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Snap! Crack! Pop! Is it Safe to “Crack” Your Back?

We’ve all been there. After sitting or standing in a certain position for too long, you begin to feel the buildup of some tension and perhaps pain in your neck or back, and are soon twisting, stretching or straining to find that “pop” sound from along your spine and that instant sensation of relief. What’s [...]

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How to Know if Back Pain is Serious or Not

Back pain is extremely common. Here is advice on why this form of pain occurs and what you can do about it. Nearly 80% of Americans experience a backache at least once during their lives, according to the US National Library of Medicine. Obviously that’s an incredible statistic, and it’s backed up by numbers showing [...]

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Chiropractic Effective and Natural for Back Pain

Chiropractic on the rise People appreciate chiropractic adjustments because they are nonsurgical and all-natural. The increasing popularity of this type of care is evident in the general numbers, with more than 164,000 professionals in a $15 billion field. Research on chiropractic care Dr. Josh Axe notes that many people are skeptical about getting adjustments, but [...]

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Natural Ways to Reduce Back Pain

Shocking back pain stats If you are experiencing lower back pain, unfortunately, it’s a widespread condition. Actually, the statistics are kind of incredible, as highlighted by EHS Today: More and more individuals want natural solutions to prevent chronic pain, reduce symptoms, and promote recovery without turning toward painkillers. Here are some natural methods that research [...]

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Intradiscal Pressure and Inflammation

As its name clearly indicates, spinal decompression aims to counteract compression within the discs and vertebrae of the spine. That’s not the only objective of the healthcare treatment, though. It also allows you to optimize nutritional absorption, minimize inflammation, and alleviate back pain and other discomfort. Spinal decompression & diet A healthy diet include vitamins [...]

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Why Your Sciatica is So Painful

Sciatic nerve pain can extend through your buttocks and legs. The radiating discomfort may be similar to the sensation of a leg cramp, or it can be so sharp that using your leg becomes extraordinarily difficult. The aching can become more pronounced when you take a seat, cough, or sneeze. The symptoms can arise immediately [...]

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How To Prevent Back & Neck Morning Stiffness

Having trouble with stiffness and aching in the morning? Try waking up at 3 AM. Sleeping on your stomach may often lead to back pain, but it “is [not] a universally evil sleeping position,” explains science writer and former licensed massage therapist Paul Ingraham, who actually sleeps stomach-down himself and has never had an issue. [...]

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