How to Sleep with Back Pain

Millions of men and women in the United States lose sleep because of pain. The connection between sleep and pain is both a personal and a social concern since it is so widespread: 21% of people nationwide suffer from chronic pain, according to a survey from the National Sleep Foundation. Among those people who [...]

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How A Chiropractor Can Improve Your Overall Health

You may think of chiropractic care as alternative medicine. However, this branch of healthcare has been in existence for more than a century, and the number of chiropractors has grown steadily since the 1970s. There are currently more than 77,000 doctors licensed to practice chiropractic medicine in the United States alone. [...]

Waking Achy? How Improving Your Sleeping Posture Can Help

Millions of Americans suffer from back pain annually, and while we make conscious adjustments when active or when working to help alleviate that irritation, it’s easy to forget that the postures taken when sleeping can have a huge impact on how you start and move through your day. Since we spend roughly a third [...]

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5 Habits That Could Be Causing Your Back Pain

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, back pain will affect about 80 percent of Americans at some point in their lives. Back pain can stem from a number of issues, but it most often results from repeated behaviors that stress the muscles and spine. You can take control of your [...]

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Walk Away From Sciatic Nerve Pain

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, and when it’s pinched, your whole body knows it. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back, through the hips, and down each leg. Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes pinched. Herniated discs, spinal stenosis, muscle spasms, sacroiilitis, and pregnancy are all common causes [...]

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New Year, New Pain-Free You

We’ve all been plagued by back pain at one point or another. In fact, back pain is among the greatest causes for Americans visiting the doctor, according to a 2013 Mayo Clinic study. If your New Year’s resolution was to live a life without back pain, here are some tips that can help relieve back pain. [...]

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Try These 5 Desk Exercises To Avoid Back Pain

Desk exercises are sometimes the only option for people with back pain at the office. With long commutes, full-time desk jobs, downtime in front of the TV, and an optimistic 8 hours of sleep, Americans are spending up to 21 hours a day sedentary, according to a survey commissioned by Ergotron in 2013. So, it’s [...]

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