7 12, 2017

How to Take Care of Your Body After a Car Accident

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A car accident, no matter how mild, can have some very real effects on the human body. Thousands of people are involved in car crashes every year in this country and face a long healing process after the fact. Here are some tips on how best to heal from the physical trauma of a car [...]

16 11, 2017

7 Ways to Avoid Morning Muscle Stiffness

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Are your muscles so stiff that you can hardly get out of bed in the morning? Does it take a couple of hours for you to start feeling normal again? We see this a lot. The first thing to know is that you’re certainly not alone. More than six million [...]

23 10, 2017

What Is MyoKinesthetic Treatment and How Can It Help

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The MyoKinesthetic treatment is essentially a soft-tissue treatment designed to treat the nervous system, working in conjunction with your soft tissue muscular system. This, in turn, balances your posture and restores your central nervous system to the way it was. It's used to treat pain, issues with range of motion and repetitive injury strain. This is a [...]

25 09, 2017

These Common Habits Could Be the Source of Your Neck Pain

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The Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD), which integrates data from 1800 scientists in more than 120 nations, is a research analysis that looks at diseases, injuries, and risk factors both regionally and worldwide. According to the GBD 2010 Study, about 1 in every 20 people around the world suffer from neck pain, 4.9%. However, [...]

29 08, 2017

Nagging Hip Pain? How to Score Relief with a Tennis Ball

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Experiencing hip pain is no picnic, but when it’s determined that the source of the pain is tight muscles and tissues in the legs, hips, and glutes and is not structural, there’s at least a silver lining to the diagnosis. Finding relief from aches and pains in the hips and low back can be [...]

16 08, 2017

Are You Too Young for Osteoarthritis?

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Emily Sohn went to a sports medicine specialist in October 2016 with a foot injury. Having just started running again after many years away from the activity, Sohn had preconceived notions of what might be going wrong. She thought she might be suffering from tendon inflammation, a ligament strain, or plantar fasciitis – the last [...]