Health and nutrition is one of the biggest markets in the United States. In response to the obesity epidemic, news of increasing environmental toxicity, and more broadly available alternative health information in the Internet age, many people have realized they should take a more proactive attitude toward their own wellness. Many of those folks are particularly interested in noninvasive, natural treatments.

In response to disenchantment with the “pop-a-pill” model for treatment of pain, and disillusioned by still-popular surgical approaches that studies have proven ineffective, pain management practices are excelling that focus on health and wellness from a multidisciplinary, noninvasive, natural perspective.

Let’s look at several of the benefits of these noninvasive treatments:

Benefit #1 – Holistic

A primary benefit of noninvasive therapies is that they consider the body holistically. Rather than focusing just on a specific health condition, these natural treatments consider any disorder in terms of the body as an integrated whole. “This can cover the nutrition and diet, exercise, sleeping habits and other lifestyle practices of the patient,” explains Houston chiropractor Dr. Philip Cordova.

Benefit #2 – Beyond symptoms

A second benefit of the noninvasive approach to health and wellness is that the focus is on long-term solutions that address the root causes of illnesses. Painkillers simply mask pain. They are a quick fix. Even physicians who remain heavily committed to medication now often combine pharmacological treatment with rehabilitative biomechanical therapies. In other words, doctors are agreeing more and more that noninvasive treatments are not really “alternative” but fundamental to healing.

Benefit #3 – Skipping side-effects

Although medication is sometimes combined with natural treatments, noninvasive treatments represent a way to forgo pharmaceuticals for many patients. By avoiding prescription drugs, we can steer clear of their side-effects (as indicated by the long lists of seemingly unrelated symptoms rattled off during TV ads). While the noninvasive strategy is designed to promote the body’s natural healing mechanisms, medication often leads to complications.

Benefit #4 – Inspiring immunity

As indicated in #3, noninvasive health and wellness approaches foster the self-healing capabilities of the human body. “As all organs are in harmony and in the right condition, the immune system is then boosted,” comments Dr. Cordova. When your immune system is healthy, your body is properly defended from intrusion and can focus on developing musculoskeletal and neurological strength.

The healer within

In summary, noninvasive treatments are holistic, go beyond symptoms to address root causes, avoid dangerous side-effects, and bolster the body’s “healer within” – a strong immune system. Schedule a free consultation to discuss our Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy Program, which utilizes the most important noninvasive advance of the last 10 years: spinal decompression.