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We provide Lasting Pain Relief for Symptoms of:

  • Upper Back Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Herniated Disc
  • Bulging Disc
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain
  • Spinal Stenosis

Back Pain Treatments in Wichita

Expert Care for Back Pain Relief

Advanced Wellness & Rehab provides back pain relief in Wichita that’s safe and effective. Our team of chiropractic physicians and therapists work together in our chiropractic treatment programs to focus on long-lasting pain relief that diminishes pain while increasing stabilization of the muscles in the back. Our goal is to remove your pain without the means of highly invasive and expensive surgical procedures.

We specialize in pain relief for:

  • Upper & Lower Back Pain
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain
  • Herniated Disc
  • Degenerative Disc

Back Pain Relief in Wichita

Back pain is rather common among Americans. Approximately 80% of us will suffer from some type of back pain throughout our lives. The most frequent form of back pain is lower back pain because of the sensitive nature of the particular area on the spine. Lower back pain can grow from a variety of reasons. Knowing the symptoms of lower back pain is critical to ensure treatment is given before chronic pain issues develop. Here are some of the most frequent indications of lower back pain issues.

  • Sharp shooting pain / burning sensation
  • Shortened range of motion when bending over
  • Difficulties walking or standing up straight
  • Pain when laying down
  • Shooting pain down the leg
  • Soreness in the lower back
Our experience provides you with the highest quality chiropractic care. We know that every back pain patient has different conditions and different needs, which is why our chiropractic treatment programs are designed around your specific pain conditions.

Our treatment programs include but are not limited to:

  • Spinal Decompression
  • Spinal Adjustments
  • Massage Therapy
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