Knee pain can make it nearly impossible to focus on daily tasks and enjoy your life. Natural tactics are available so you can avoid the side-effects of medication.

When we experience knee pain, it’s easy to turn to painkillers. However, we all know the relief of medication often comes along with side-effects. Since that’s the case, people are increasingly turning to all-natural solutions instead. Here are some of the most popular ways to achieve knee pain relief without heading to the pill cabinet.

Different exercises

A simple way to prevent knee aches is to adjust your workout. If you typically run or walk, try switching to bicycling or swimming. For the former, you want to use a standard bicycle, and you want your leg to be just about fully extended when the pedal is at its lowest point.

Yoga is a good choice as well, as long as you are paying attention to your body and taking a break any time you feel pain. Note that warrior poses can be particularly difficult for those with damage to their knee joints.

KT tape

You can buy KT tape at a typical drug store. This tape can help enhance bloodflow, alleviate pressure, and reduce swelling. One option is PRO-X patches, which cost about $20, notes Oregon massage therapist Holley DeShaw, who treats Olympic athletes.

Foam roller

One of the surest ways to remove pressure from your knee joints is with a foam roller. “Rolling the outsides of your thighs… can break down painful adhesions in this area,” explains Prevention. “And rolling your quads or hamstrings can loosen these big muscles, which helps improve the tracking of your kneecap.”

Stronger hips

The muscles of the body are, of course, interconnected. When your hips or glutes are weak, it can cause your knee to become misaligned. A simple exercise for knee pain relief is to get onto your right side and bend your legs with a resistance band encircling both knees. Lift the left leg. Do ten repetitions on each side.

Improved sleep

Knee aches and other forms of pain can make it difficult to sleep. In fact, according to Spine-health, “[o]f those who report experiencing chronic pain…, approximately 65% report having sleep disorders, such as disrupted or non-restorative sleep.”

Unfortunately, not getting enough sleep can actually reduce your pain tolerance. Drinking some cherry juice 30 minutes before you go to sleep should help. It has pain-relieving properties and may accelerate the body’s creation of melatonin.

Expert help

Are you suffering with knee pain? Sometimes DIY solutions aren’t enough. At Advanced Wellness & Rehab, our goal and mission is to help you experience a pain-free life again. Schedule a free consultation with the doctor.